Refer us and earn FREE DONATIONS!

Refer-A-Rescue™ is a program that allows rescue organizations to earn even more donations by referring other organizations to our program. We provide a registration link that's "coded" to your organization. When distributed and clicked, it redirects to a registration page, where others can join, and be connected to the owner of the link. Whenever a sale is made, the "referring" rescue will earn 20% of the "referred" rescue's donation payout. For example, your rescue (A) refers another rescue (B) to join our program. Rescue (B) earns $1000 in donations for the month. Since rescue (B) joined the program under rescue (A), rescue (A) will earn from $200 in donations for that month. The more organizations you refer to our program, the more donations your organization will earn. With a program like this, doesn't it make sense to empower other rescue organizations as well?