Did you know that over 7,000 dogs and cats are euthanized each day?

Our partnership with animal rescues across the U.S. is vital to saving as many lives as possible, until these animals are adopted into loving homes. Our small contribution makes a huge impact on their lives.

According to ASPCA, approximately 7.6 million dogs and cats enter rescue shelters across the U.S. each year. These companion animals enter shelters due to neglect, abandonment, abuse, injury, divorce, foreclosure, job loss, and many other reasons. As most of these rescue animals are completely adoptable, low adoption rates cause them to "run out of time."

Most animal shelters operate on public donations and fundraising to care for their animals. The high-cost of medical care for injured animals alone, can cause a small, independent shelter financial ruin. Our mission is to assist rescue organizations by donating a portion of ALL sales to those in our partner network. Please consider shopping compassionately, when deciding on a unique gift for someone, or for your own indulgence. To save just one life, provide medical care to just one animal, or feed just one mouth, will give our furry friends the chance to live and be loved.