Q. What do we need to get started?
A. Getting started is simple. First register for free by clicking HERE, and agree to the terms and conditions. Once you're approved, we'll create your account and contact you to begin the program.  
Q. Can I speak to someone about program details prior to "full registration?"
A. Of course, we would be happy to discuss further. Simply contact us via email, or click the BLUE chat window at the bottom right of the screen. When scheduling a call, please be available when we call.

Q. What is the donation percentage amount?

A. Our donation percentage depends on which program you participate in, and is among the highest in the industry. We donate from 10%-20% of all sales.

Q. Can you please explain the differences in how we make 10% vs 20%?

A. Sure. If you only register for the FOREVER DoughNATION™ program, you'll earn 10% of all sales. However, if you register for FundRazr™, you'll earn 20% of sales with FundRazr™ and 20% of sales with FOREVER DoughNATION™.

Q. How often do we get to raise money with the FundRazr™ program?

A. The FundRazr™ program conducts a minimum of three campaigns per year, as a part of our program. You can, however, run more campaigns if you need to.

Q. How long do the FundRazr™ campaigns last in duration?

A. The FundRazr™ campaign will run for two weeks. With our experience, this is the most effective amount of time. However, if you would like to run it a little longer, just let us know.

Q. How much does your program cost?

A. Our program is absolutely, 100% Free. We don't charge anything to start, "run", or complete your fundraising campaign. So, with all the programs we offer at ZERO cost, it's a no-brainer for you partner with us. What do you have to lose?

Q. Do we have to buy popcorn first, then sell it?

A. Absolutely not! Our program does not require you to buy anything, carry any inventory, or ship anything. We do everything, so that you can focus on promoting your cause.  

Q. How do we take orders for our gourmet popcorn fundraiser? 

A. We provide you with beautifully designed, digital fundraiser order forms. Simply email them to your volunteers to print out. Take orders and collect money at work, school, or places of worship. In all the years of providing our gourmet popcorn fundraiser to schools across the country, this is the most effective and powerful way to generate sales for your cause. 

Q. We work with a lot of animal rescue groups, charities, shelters, and fosters who also need to raise money. Can we earn a donation for referring them? 

A. Absolutely! This is what our Refer-A-Rescue™ program is all about. For every organization you refer, your organization will earn 20% of whatever they earn as a donation from FOREVER DoughNATION™ sales.  The more organizations you refer, the more donations you'll earn.